Bike Trips

My Folding Bike – The Beginning

I just bought a second-hand folding bike last June 18 which I got for Php 16,000 pesos from someone selling it in our condominium.

A Bickerton-branded folding bike previously owned by a foreigner who used to ride it to/from work.

I was diagnosed with Hypertension. After 3 months of medication and diet, my cholesterol level is now normal, but the Triglyceride is still high, so my doctor advised me to have a low-carb diet, and do intensive workout. So I chose biking as a form of exercise because of the following reasons:

  • To satisfy the “intense workout” requirement; biking makes a lot of your muscles move, and biking uphill is really intense. Long rides also build stamina and endurance.
  • ECO-friendly; I can now go to work riding a bike instead of by car. I can also go to other places (which are bike-friendly) without the need to bring my car.
  • I have a lot of biker friends; the time I posted my new bike (not really new because it’s 2nd-hand) on social media, a lot of my friends already messaged me to join them with their rides.
  • My wife can also use it; well, so far she hasn’t used it yet, but at least, it is already available anytime she wants or needs to use it.
  • I just love biking; ever since when I was a child, I love riding a bike and stroll around. When I was in Japan, I also have my bike there that I use to/from work, and other places that I want to visit with a bike.

As of this writing, I already have a total of 108 km distance ride which I keep track of using a Strava app. It’s a very good app to keep track of your biking progress (you can also track other activities like running, swimming, etc.). For more information, you can check their website here Strava | Run and Cycling Tracking on the Social Network for Athletes.
You can also follow me in Strava if you want 🙂 Strava Cyclist Profile | Everard Onggon

This is now my bike after I installed all the accessories included when I bough it.

Since I’m now biking a lot, I just thought that I can share here in my blog all my bike rides (including my rides before I published this). The places I go and the routes I take (and some pictures of course :P) to at least give you guys an idea of what route you can take where riding a bike is safe and allowed. By the way, I’m currently residing in Mandaluyong City so you might notice that my bike routes are mostly started and finished in Mandaluyong.

Feel free to comment on my blog posts if you have questions about my routes. I’m not a pro biker, so if you want pro-tips, I’m not the right person for that, hehehe! Cheers and happy biking 🙂