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How (I think) God constantly reminds me to be humble

For sure, all of us experience success no matter how big or small it is. Academic excellence, promotions in work, recognitions, passing an exam, project completion, winning a game, winning a woman’s or man’s heart, etc. These things are for sure really feel good as it gives us the sense of accomplishments and self-worth.

Having this kind of accomplishment, have you ever feel proud of yourself? Boast about your success, belittle someone, and crave more success based on this world’s standards? I, myself am guilty of this. It always happens to me every time I have accomplished something, especially if it is a series of successes that I think of myself as great and did it only on my own. Well, I don’t forget to thank God for the blessings, but the more I become proud, the more it feels like I’m not sincere in thanking God.

And it doesn’t stop there. I even become envious of the accomplishments of other people especially when it surpasses mine. Also, I become lazy to attend a Sunday service in our church (even if it’s online due to the pandemic). Sounds very un-Christian right?

But God loves me so much that he never fails to remind me to become humble and learn that every blessing I have came from him, and I should always depend on him in every aspect of my life.

Every time I feel proud and getting absorbed by worldly desires, I experience failures (plural, means not just one) big time. Failures like I’m not able to close a deal or get the project, didn’t get the expected salary increase, didn’t get the promotion, failed an exam, unexpected expenses that ruined my budget, family problems, and many more.

Just like what the bible says in the book of John:

God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.

John 4:6

So here I am again, humbling myself before God, attending Sunday service in our church, asking for God’s help, guidance, and blessings, and asking for his forgiveness for what I’ve done.

I hope that when God shows favor to me, I will not stumble this time.

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