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How I lose 5 kgs in 12 days then eat anything I want in moderation after and still maintain my weight

Last year (June 2021), I bought a folding bike for me to use going to work and have some exercise since I was diagnosed with hypertension. My doctor advised me to eat certain foods in moderation, exercise, and take a maintenance medicine to lower my blood pressure.

It’s unfortunate since I was just 33 yrs old back then, and I already have maintenance which according to my doctor is a lifetime. But I can stop the maintenance if I already have low blood pressure (so there’s still light at the end of the tunnel, hehehe).

Fast forward to 2022, I enjoyed doing long rides or going somewhere that I need to ride uphill, which truly challenges my strength and stamina. There’s a noticeable improvement in terms of strength and stamina as compared to when I just started last year. I already did some upgrades on my bike to make it more suited to long rides and uphill rides, but there are limitations with the upgrade. I’m using a folding bike, so there is a limitation to the cassette (cogs) that I can use, including the chainring. Buying a bigger bike is not an option because we’re currently living in a small condominium, so no space for a bigger one.

So the only option I have to improve performance on long rides and uphills is instead of making my bike lighter, which will also cost me more because light parts aren’t cheap, I decided to make myself lighter. Reduce my own weight.

Before I proceed with how I’ve done it, please take note that I was not guided by any professional on my journey to lose weight. So if you want to try this, better to consult your doctor first, or do it at your own risk. But I think this is safe because everything is just natural.

So here’s how I do it:

  • Remove carbs (rice, bread, pasta)
  • No carbonated drinks
  • Avoid sweets and processed sugars or sweeteners
  • 2-3 days per week bike ride (minimum of 25 km per ride) with reduced food intake before, during, and after the ride, for my body to burn the fats instead of the sugar and carbs I intake.
  • Dumbells from time to time (but I was not consistent here)
  • Only water and green tea for drinks
  • No food intake after 6 pm, only water or green tea. But can have a banana if hungriness is unbearable.
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cheat days but with minimal carb and sugar intake (for my case, I had 3 cheat days)

The result…

From 70 kgs to 65 kgs in 12 days

After 12 days, from 70 kgs, my weight goes down to 65 kgs. So that’s 5 kgs less. My original goal is to make my weight to just 60 kgs (my weight when I was still in college), but I think I need to stop first and maintain my current weight for a couple of months before I continue again to lose another 5 kgs because 10 kgs is a lot of weight to cut, and it might be dangerous to my health if I did not do it gradually.

I also lose some belly fat which was also noticed by my friends and family (not just my hallucination, hehehe). I can now wear some of the clothes that were too small for me before, and I’m somewhat gaining confidence wearing a tight shirt because of the reduced belly fat.

With regards to my maintenance medicine, I noticed that even though I was not able to take it for a couple of days, my blood pressure is pretty much okay. I think I was on the right track to eventually remove it from my system.

Right now, I’m already eating rice, bread, and pasta but in moderation. This is easier now since no need for me to suppress my cravings, I just need to limit the intake. And so far, my weight ranges from 65 to 67 kgs depending on the amount of food I intake on a specific day.

As for the riding experience, after I lose 5 kgs of weight, I felt even stronger when I do long rides and uphill rides, maybe because I lose an extra 5 kgs that my legs need to exert effort. In fact, I was able to finish my longest ride which is 130 km going to Tagaytay City, which is a highland part of Cavite Province. So, that’s a long and uphill ride.

I will start again my journey to cut another 5 kgs on my weight once I felt like my body is ready for it. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the foods that I want to eat while maintaining my current weight.

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