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A very simple way to fight or avoid depression

Depression seems very common nowadays, especially now that we are in a state of a pandemic where a lot of people losses their job, their business, and their freedom. A very serious mental disorder that if we can offer help regardless of how big or small the impact is, let’s give it to the people experiencing depression.

To be honest, at my age, there’s a lot of pressure from society’s standards, add to the pressure from family and friends. The pressure that I should have my own house, a bigger car, a better career, a higher salary, and the number of places that I should be able to visit. Those are some of it and as we continue living in this world, more and more pressure will be added to the list.

The number 1 contributor to depression in the present time is social media; where comparing lives is endless. We see our friends and relatives keep posting good things; materials things (like a new house and a new car) that they have, travels that they enjoy, the fancy restaurants where they eat, their professional achievements, having a new baby, and their looks that are worthy of praise in today’s standards of beauty.

So how do I protect myself from depression? Simple…

Count your blessings one by one

If you’ll just realized how blessed you are as compared to a lot of people. Here are some things that I always think of everytime I feel envy:

  • Even though I don’t have a house of my own, I’m blessed that I afford living on a condominium (renting) in a prime location where life is very convenient.
  • I’m not worried if there’s a typhoon since I’m living in an area where there’s no flood, and on a condominium where it can withstand strong winds and heavy rains.
  • I can have a complete meal each day.
  • I have a lovely and wonderful wife and daughter.
  • Even though I have a small second-hand car, at least a have something to use when I need to go somewhere, and without worrying of the monthly amortization as I already paid it in full.
  • I’m living in a peaceful place where there is no war or social unrest.
  • I have a job even in the midst of pandemic.
  • I don’t have the coolest and expensive gadgets, but at least I have a lot of investments that somewhat gives me a peace of mind for my future, or in case something happens to me, at least my wife and daughter will get something from it.
  • It is very seldom for me and my family to get sick. Especially my daughter who rarely get sick.
  • I can do grocery shopping without worrying how much it will cost me (but it doesn’t mean sky’s the limit, hehehe).
  • It is very seldom for us to have a leisure travel, and only to places where it will not cost us a lot, but at least we always have extra money for giving to those who are in need.
  • My salary is not even close to the level of those rich people, but at least we have more than enough to not worry for our daily expenses.
  • and so on…

Do you now realize what I mean? It is very easy to feel envy and to want more things that we don’t have, but if we just realize how blessed we are. We hate our life, while other people dream of the life like we have. Always be thankful, don’t take what you have for granted.

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